Rainy Days in Jiufen (九份)

When I visited Taiwan in December, I spent two nights in Jiufen! Jiufen is a small mountain town east of Taipei, in northern Taiwan. I first learned about it from some ALTs in Japan who visited it, saying that it was the mountain town in Taiwan that the Japanese animated movie Spirited Away was based off of.   When I googled Jiufen, … Continue reading Rainy Days in Jiufen (九份)


Nara (Deer, temples, and more)

Alright, let's go! This post will primarily be devoted to Nara, although I will go through a little update before I get into it. First off, good news! I am getting much more settled in and starting to feel more at home. I still have a bit to do to the apartment before it feels … Continue reading Nara (Deer, temples, and more)