Overview: January & February (More USJ!)

Ok! So now, for a whirlwind overview of January and February... Winter was much tougher than I expected, and although I won't go into detail, I am still dealing some strong bouts of homesickness, particularly when it comes to difficulty caused by the language barrier.  I am hoping that with the arrival of spring, some … Continue reading Overview: January & February (More USJ!)


Overview: December (K-Pop, bike crash, and Christmas camp)

Ok, so I originally titled my previous post my November and December post, but I COMPLETELY forgot to post anything about December in there, so I edited that title to reflect that I ONLY talked about November in it. Oops! I was just so excited to post my Taiko pictures! :) Ok, so now for … Continue reading Overview: December (K-Pop, bike crash, and Christmas camp)