My 4 Favorite Taipei Spots/Moments!

I'm going to preface this by saying that there are tons of things to do in Taipei which you can find in guidebooks and everything, and when I was looking things up, I was a bit overwhelmed with prioritizing things.  In retrospect, the places that stuck with me the most were places that my friends recommended … Continue reading My 4 Favorite Taipei Spots/Moments!


Rainy Days in Jiufen (九份)

When I visited Taiwan in December, I spent two nights in Jiufen! Jiufen is a small mountain town east of Taipei, in northern Taiwan. I first learned about it from some ALTs in Japan who visited it, saying that it was the mountain town in Taiwan that the Japanese animated movie Spirited Away was based off of.   When I googled Jiufen, … Continue reading Rainy Days in Jiufen (九份)