Kimonos, (more) Mountains, and Fire Festivals

October started off with a bang, as my school had it's culture festival... And guess what! I was asked to participate in the kimono club's stage performance! First of all, the idea of school cultural festivals is super cool. In Japanese, it's called a bunkasai (ぶんかさい or 文化祭), and it is a celebration of the … Continue reading Kimonos, (more) Mountains, and Fire Festivals


Ise and Local Summer Festivals (Komono and Yokkaichi)

Hello again! September flew by a little too quickly, and there is no way I will recap everything in here, but I will do my best to write about some highlights from the end of August and a little through September! :) On August 22nd, I attended a festival in my town! :) It was … Continue reading Ise and Local Summer Festivals (Komono and Yokkaichi)