Beijing – Finishing off with a BANG!

Hello from Vancouver! :) I am not yet home, as our plane was delayed and we missed the last connection, allowing us to spend a night in a really beautiful hotel surrounded by friendly Canadians! We will go out to explore Vancouver later this morning (writing this at 3:45 am Vancouver-time, the jet-lag is intense), … Continue reading Beijing – Finishing off with a BANG!


Xi’an, China

I am finally caught up to Xi'an, which is where I am right now (although I am leaving tomorrow morning)! So we took a plane to Xi'an from QingDao, and arrived at around 2:30 am on Saturday, August 10th. Our plane was delayed by an hour, and Earnestine's aunt's friend (or Earnestine's aunt-like person as … Continue reading Xi’an, China


I have made it to China! :) I got here safely on Monday and have been struggling with trying to get a post up since then... I can post text posts, but I am still trying to figure out how to put pictures in them! I might just post text posts for now with links … Continue reading China