About Agata


Hi! I’m Agata! :)

While I have had a million and one hobbies over the years, (guitars are gathering dust in America, expensive hiking boots are sitting in the shoe closet, and fancy road bike gets ridden twice a day to my job, 3 minutes away) I really enjoy travelling, and somehow have kept it up for the past few years!

I’m currently teaching English in Japan, and because my family and friends have ended up being all over the world, in the summer of 2013 I thought the best place to keep in touch with them about my trips and experiences would be through a blog!

And now, some things I enjoy when travelling!

  • local eats
  • street food
  • nice restaurants that don’t make me feel like a peasant
  • street art
  • bike share programs that I am sometimes too scared to try
  • postcards
  • coasters
  • plane ticket stubs
  • comfy beds from time to time
  • new music

Anyway, hope you enjoy what you see here! :D