Traveler’s Notebook and Blog Migration

Hello, and welcome to the new version of the blog! :D

I did it! I made the move from Blogger to WordPress! Blogger was getting difficult to manage with all of the customization I wanted. While there are definitely things I will miss about Blogger (like being able to import pictures directly from Google photos…), I was feeling really overwhelmed and discouraged by all the formatting issues I was running into when even just viewing old posts… so I decided to migrate here!

In addition to a new platform and a new look, I am trying to make this blog more easy to navigate. Up above, you can see a destinations tab, and there will soon be a categories tab once I get some posts up and running again.

I am also going to be taking a very different approach to blogging here. Until now, I have tried to pack as much as I can into one or two posts about a place, which led me to agonizing over posts that my computer could barely load sometimes. I am going to try to break posts into bite-size pieces from now on and see what that feels!

I also really wanted to get back to the roots of why I created this blog. When I started this way back in 2013, it was so I could record my impressions and experiences as they were happening.  I brought my netbook around with me and wrote and edited at night while I was on the road.  Well, it has been a long time since my netbook left this world, and for some reason I did not feel as motivated to do the same with my tablet.


What I did during my recent trip to Taiwan was to bring my Traveler’s Notebook with me in order to jot down my thoughts as well as organize and scrapbook my ticket stubs and stuff that I picked up along the way! I really liked the way it felt. :)

So here is to a fresh beginning, and to finding my groove again! :)



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