July 4th and a Motorcycle Trip up the coast!

Hello again, two posts in one day, aren’t you all lucky! :)

We’re now moving into my first week in July!

I biked to bible study on Wednesday and this was my view! :) Isn’t it gorgeous?!

July 4th fell on a Friday this year, and Terrence invited me to the beach to celebrate! So we went to La Jolla, which was super nice. :)

Found a Polish Kit-Kat at the Cheese Shop! :)
If you look behind that guy in a light blue tank top, there’s a dude covered in seaweed just hanging around. My lens wasn’t strong enough to really get him, but man!
Huh. :o First time seeing this. Then again I never go to the beach, so maybe this is normal these days?
This is a golf course, but I called it the palm tree army. :D


World cup fever inspired the creation of these cookies. :D
Sunset time :)

After the beach, we went to see the fireworks in the Garden of the Sea behind the Institute of Peace and Justice on campus. So all in all, a really fun 4th! :) Thanks again Terrence for letting me tag along!!

The next day I was invited to a motorcycle trip up the coast with my Couchsurfing friend Ryan.  His friend had just gotten a motorcycle and Ryan and Eric (all three are part of the SD Couchsurfing community) were going to take her on a laid back ride up the coast. Eric had a surfer from France staying with him named Morgane, so I was excited that I wouldn’t be the only passenger! We took lots of pictures like dutiful tourists, and I wish I could have hung out with her more – she was super nice. :)

Not too shabby!!
One of our first stops was Sunset Cliffs. We walked down to the tidepools, which was pretty cool to see!



Our next stop was Mount Soledad. Ryan took me up here at night once, but during the day, the mountains in the distance are GORGEOUS. If you can open this shot up in a larger window, please try because it is breathtaking. Just look at them disappearing into the mist!  The picture doesn’t do the experience justice.
This is the monument that is causing a boatload of controversy on Mount Soledad. Religious symbol vs national monument. There is a lot of other history that I’m not going to get into, but I thought I would snap a picture in case it is taken down.
Our bikers!
Historic Route 101! :D
The Del Mar fair. HOW I got this picture so straight while taking it off the back of a motorcycle, I don’t even know.



Morgane! :)


Our last stop was Carlsbad!


So my Saturday was a LOT of fun! :) It makes me wish I had a motorcycle that I could drive with my motorcycle licence. Maybe it is time to dust off the old scooter sitting in the yard…
Anyway! The rest of that week was not as eventful as that weekend. I did have a nutella empanada:
And one of the couchsurfing meet-ups was at the bar where Top Gun was filmed (Kansas City BBQ), so I got a shot of that!!



So that’s it for now. :) Hope you’re enjoying my adventures! Next up is Karin and Grace in San Diego! :D <3



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