Couchsurfers, Encinitas, and Beaches!

Hello hello!

Alright, LOTS to catch up on! Last time I left off was coming back from my trip to LA with Xochilt on June 22nd, and it is now the end of July, so buckle down and hold onto your seat belts because a lot of posts will be coming in the next few days!

That following week I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and go to the weekly San Diego Couchsurfing Tipsy Tuesday gathering.  For those of you who don’t know about all of my crazy adventures, my friends and I couchsurfed during my study abroad/backpacking trip in the summer of 2011.  Couchsurfing is very similar to Airbnb (both of which I recommend!), in that you can look for hosts, read their reviews, and stay in various places of the world without the need for hostels, hotels, or bumming it in the park.  The great thing about Couchsurfing is that it is more of a community where you meet all sorts of interesting people very different from yourself and share traditions, places, and stories with them.  In addition to that, it’s free, and like the name implies, you may be crashing on their couch, attic, or sleeping in an extra bedroom. You never know! It’s a really great way to explore new cities, as Couchsurfing hosts often are eager to show you around their homes towns and cities.

So the San Diego Couchsurfing community gathers every Tuesday at different pubs and bars, and I decided to check it out on June 24th.  It was pretty cool – it was at Bluefoot Bar & Lounge, and I even got a ride from a cool dude named Ryan, on the back of his motorcycle!

That’s my head in the middle bottom of the picture. :D

While there, I met Anne, who is a psychiatrist from Germany travelling in California before her conference (which probably already happened by the time I am writing this).  We exchanged numbers and decided to try to get as close to Mexico as we could together! We tried to go to Imperial Beach, but the bus ride was so long we got off at the Silver Strand instead, from which we could still see Mexico.

Me and Anne with really big smiles. :P
I found RED jellyfish on the beach?!
And some HUGE seaweed! I should have put my hand next to these ball things, they were bigger than my foot!


There are these two islands off the coast of Mexico I think? I am not sure what they are, but I had a nice time imagining that there were people living on them once upon a time. :)
We stayed too late and had to grab an Uber back, but it was really nice getting to know Anne! She’s traveled to so many places all by herself!
At some point during the week we also went to what I think might be the most authentic Mexican food place north of the border, called Las Cuatro Milpas. If anybody could tell me what a “milpa” is that would be great! Anyway, this place is crazy, it’s this little place with THE BEST flour tortillas. You could eat these things as your entire meal and you’d be happy and full.
I got two tacos, and chorizo with rice and beans. :) And two flour tortillas!
Also, at some point during the week I decided to bike ride down to Gaslamp to get a free membership to car2go, which is a pretty cool way to get around if you are ever in a city! Definitely recommend checking this option out if you are in a city without a car, or even with a car! It’s a car sharing service where you can use a smart car to get from point A to point B without worrying about getting the car back to point A. It pays off for trips that are 25min or shorter, because afterwards it’s more expensive than a ZipCar.


That weekend on the 28th I went to the beach with Sarah and Terrence from work, which was a lot of fun! I got to see more of San Diego County, and spending time with chill coworkers is always nice. :D
We went to this place that has Acai bowls! With bee pollen! :o
So we were in this beach town called Encinitas! It had these awesome mural things on the streets.


I think this was Solana Beach. Regardless, this view was AMAZING as we were coming down the stairs. I could stand here forever, EVEN with the clouds.
Terrence and me! :)






Itty bitty crab burrowing in the sand. :3
Sarah jumping in the water!
Anyway, so that was a pretty awesome trip!! Afterwards, we went out to a bar called the Office and a whiskey bar that made my whiskey sour with egg whites! Interesting! :o
The next day, Sarah invited me to go to the Hillcrest farmer’s market with her, which was pretty awesome! It’s one of people’s favorite farmers markets in San Diego. I’ve heard multiple people recommend it.



We also had some coconut cakes at a Thai stand! They were REALLY good. :) First time trying them!
And then we passed by this bus and I couldn’t not take a picture. :)
Later that day I went to the monthly dinner at St. Brigid’s, which is a local church in Pacific Beach (or PB as the locals call it).  It was pretty cool! Everybody was very nice, and somebody even drove me home afterwards. :)  I wish I were closer to these places, because now without a bike (my rear wheel was stolen) it’s a little difficult getting to a lot of places and I find it difficult to ask for rides. :/

Anyway! So that was one week! :) Thanks for reading so far!



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