San Diego, CA

Hello from sunny San Diego! :)

It’s been a little while, but I am very happy and blessed to say that I have had another exciting opportunity to travel, this time for professional reasons!

This trip is a lot of firsts. It is my first time traveling for professional rather than personal reasons, first time on the west coast, first time traveling to a new area alone, and my first attempt at cooking entirely for myself! So expect lots of pictures of meal fails, successes, San Diego discoveries, and a lot of other surprises mixed in there.

So! The reason for my being here! I will be interning this summer at the University of San Diego as an ACUI intern.  I will be working for both the Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) and Residential Life, which is an exciting hybrid of an experience.  I’m staying on the beautiful campus, and by the time I am done with the post I hope I will have convinced you all that this school is breathtaking! :)

First impressions of California were from the plane, check these out (especially the city one, the plane practically flew THROUGH downtown):


I was blown away by the palm trees, and the marine, and just EVERYTHING.
I was met by one of my supervisors at the airport, and he brought me back to USD, showed me my room, and then took me out to dinner! I was pretty jetlagged, so I was a little wonky, but once I got 12 hours of sleep in I was a little better. :) This was my view from my apartment balcony though:
On Thursday I had breakfast with my supervisor, and then was given a tour by one of the summer staff students. Unfortunately I forgot my SD card on the actual tour, but later in the day I got around to taking some pictures during a walk around campus.
Check out this sign, CRAZY! Rattlesnakes!


The view of Tecolote Canyon from USD.


USD has a Law school on campus, which is pretty cool!


Serra Hall, home of the Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Math and Computer Science departments.



The above two pictures are of the Immaculata, which can be seen in the logo of USD.





Until I saw this statue, I honestly had no idea that San Diego was a person… Will have to read more about him!
A path connecting the Garden of the Sky to the Garden of the Sea. :)



And my apartment! :)


Finally, the sunset from my apartment. <3
So that was my first taste of USD for you all! More is coming! I can finally say I have settled in, I am thrilled that my new smart phone is working, and this is my exciting first week of work, so we’ll see what happens!
– A

2 thoughts on “San Diego, CA

  1. Agata says:

    Aww thanks so much Eunji! I guess it is being extra weird because I just saw this comment today. :) Thanks so much again! <3 <3 Wish you were here! :)


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