Austin Part II

On our third day in Austin (Black Friday) we headed off to South Congress Ave., which has a bunch of food trucks, little open air craft tents, and pretty cool stores. The weather was beautiful, and there were no crowds here, unlike in the stores all over the US on the very same day.

hienyn made us take a picture with this wall art, but I am glad we did! <3
Again, Chienyn insisted, and again I am glad!
Dream job/home?!
More food trucks!

We all bought a bunch of stuff on South Congress, lots of jewelry at really reasonable prices! I even scored a really cute purse at a thrift shop, so it was a very very successful day! And VERY warm! :) We tried and failed to eat at an Argentinian place (I think?) but ended up eating at a food truck… Something with pulled pork. Was delicious. MY GOD. After that we went home because we were all pretty beat.

The next day, we packed our dinner for that day, which was Thanksgiving leftovers and a banana.  We headed out to grab Dim Sum!

Then we went to the Zilker Botanical Garden, which was a really nice and refreshing break from all the bustle.

There were butterflies! <3


We stopped by the gift shop afterwards, which was nice! Chienyn styled a Texas hat for us:

We then headed to the airport and headed home, but not before seeing this:

Look at his WHEELS. First thought that came into my head was AGGRESSION! Did not like this. :(

It sad saying goodbye because it was such a short trip, but it was a lot of fun and really great to see both Karin and Chienyn :) Although we do a great job at keeping touch, it was completely different seeing them in person! And Austin also was great to visit – not as sweltering hot as I would have liked it, but it is definitely a chill, laid back city. I would love to visit once again for a little bit longer, maybe in the early fall or late spring.

And as for the saying “Keep Austin Weird,” well… I think you can tell from these pictures and stories that it’s doing a pretty good job of that already.

Later! Until my next travel adventure!



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