Wrapping Up (Summer 2013)

So I am back home!

My travelling has taken a pause (but I am 110% sure I will be travelling to somewhere new again sooner than I know it) and my life at home is coming back into full swing slowly but surely.  I am still dealing with some pretty intense jet-lag, which had me up at 4am this morning, but I don’t mind because I got to go for an early morning jog with my dog (got to catch back up with my Couch to 5k progress!).
I am also happy to say that I have now traveled completely (geographically) around the world (Newark – Germany – Poland – Germany – Czech Republic – China – Canada – Newark) in just a carry on and a personal item! It feels great! :D
I can’t say enough how much this trip blew me away, and how incredibly happy I was, am, and will be to have kept it all here in my blog. It is really invaluable to decompress (as Grace said) and look back at your time every day or few days. It helps you appreciate where you are, what you’re doing, and how you are experiencing these things.
Every time I travel, I feel changed, renewed, and revitalized, and I feel that feeling even stronger this time around.  Travelling with two people as awesome as Grace and Earnestine was also a blessing! There was so much laughter on this trip that I think my abs are in better shape than they were before the trip! They were really positive, lighthearted and flexible people to travel with, and I really lucked out to be in such amazing company. I think we all learned things from each other, and shared memories with each other that we will fondly share in the future. Thank you for making this trip amazing both of you. :)
I will now rest easy, knowing that all the ends are tied, postcards have been sent out, luggage has been partially unpacked… And I have been changed.
I think I will keep this blog going, as a continuous travel blog. I’ll pause for now as I’m back home, but the next time I am in a new place, I will document it here so that all my travel stories can be in one place!
I hope you all enjoyed the journey, or the snapshots, or whatever interested you most. I appreciate your interest, your words, and your thoughts during this time! You made it all the better! :)
Do widzenia! :) Until next time! :D

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