I LOVE Canada!

Can I say that enough? Canada is great! <3

Vancouver surprised me, and became one of my favorite cities even though we only walked around for about 5 hours.

Grace and I headed down to eat breakfast at 6:30am, and then returned to pack. We checked out, had our luggage held, and went to mail our postcards, pick up some tourist maps of Vancouver, and buy a Day Pass for the train. People in Canada must be made of different stuff, because everybody we asked (EVERY SINGLE PERSON) was nice, friendly, polite, and seemed genuinely happy to be alive! And they were working at the airport (which from the people who work at Newark, I thought was a horrible job to have – when some of them look at you you wonder if they want to kill you or themselves). Everybody was absolutely darling.

We took a train in (only 30 min from the train station to the city) and first walked around the waterfront which was gorgeous just like everything else in Canada (even the people are gorgeous, especially the french speaking men ;D ).

As you can see above, we saw water planes taking off and touching down! They were tourist attractions, they took you around the harbour and back, but it was very nice watching. :) SO relaxing. Grace put it really well, that this was a vacation from our vacation. The weather not being 100 degrees F also helped! It was so cool!

We even found the Olympic Cauldron!

The happiness and niceness of people was so infectious that I started offering to take families’ photos for them so that they could all be together, and we had the favour returned!


Lots of wildlife – we even saw a SEAL in the water, which made me crazy! A seal! I couldn’t get a good enough picture, but it was amazing to see!

Instead I got a pic of this badass mofo eating a starfish. I was standing a food away from him but he was fearless.

Grace also found the statue version of Bruce Willis:

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t Bruce but it was really cool!

We walked up and down the waterfront, and then down this street called Robson St. which is apparently the main street of downtown for tourists. We walked into an art gallery which was super cool (Stewart Stephenson Modern Art Gallery), and talked to this really nice guy who owns the gallery. He used to be a hockey player, who turned artist a few years ago.

We kept walking, did some shopping at Roots (got a cute winter hat – can’t wait for colder weather!) and then headed back slowly while keeping our eyes open for cool things like below.

So as I said before, I love Canada! I think this cemented me wanting to work somewhere in that area as well for a NODA internship. I’m looking at the Yukon or Alaska, so hopefully that will happen and I can post some blog posts about those places. :)

We headed back to the airport, grabbed a sandwhich with salmon on it, and happily ate our meal.

And we headed home, arriving late at 1:15 am in Newark, New Jersey yesterday.

I’m going to make a quick wrap up post next to end this portion of the blog, but thanks for reading so far! :)



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