"Marathon" in QingDao

The next day (Wednesday August 7th) we slept in a little bit and kicked it off with food at the local mall, called Wanda Plaza. The 3rd floor is all restaurants, so we ate at a specialty place with food local to a place in China called Yunnan:

These were rice/vermicelli noodles in a spicy soup that is a native food of that region:

And then some eggplant came (I thought it was fish every time I looked at it even though people (Earnestine) kept correcting me – thanks Earnestine!):

Once we had stuffed our faces, we took a walk downstairs to the grocery store to buy some snacks and water. I was running through the aisles when I found this, Chips Ahoy in Chinese:


We spent the day exploring the Old Town with Kai, who first took us to the Museum of the Former German Governor’s House in QingDao:

Ice cream break (we were severely ripped off by the guy selling them, because once he saw I was white, he tripled the price according to Kai :( from this point on I ask Earnestine to buy everything for me and I pay her back around the corner):

“Parking lot” (but really a street):

After the icecream break, Kai took us to a church called QingDao Church on my ticket, although I highly doubt that was the name. There was a couple taking wedding pictures here:

We then headed over to a viewing point in the middle of a park, from which we could see most of QingDao really well!

Check out this car – it was everywhere! At first I thought it was a 4 wheel car that was broken, but when I saw it for the third time I took a picture!

Grave and I found ourselves in an AC logo for the company Haier (for some reason I love love love the logo – international friendship!) :

We then walked down to see the current government building, and afterwards on to dinner for more food. This time, Kai made a reservation at a sushi place which is apparently Earnestine’s uncle’s favorite place to eat. Before eating, Kai took us upstairs to see the sharks. Basically, there was a glass floor above which we could stand and look down through at the sharks below. :)

Then the crazy onslaught of food began. I photographed every single dish that came out during this meal, and I am glad I did because there were some crazy things that were served. I am proud to say that I tried a little bit of every single dish and most (if not all) were delicious! Thanks Kai!

First off, we started the meal off with this delicious looking piece of meat that was really tender and sweet:

Turned out to be cow tongue. :) It was my first time eating it, but I was pleasantly surprised because I liked it a lot!

Then we followed that with shrimp:

Sashimi (Salmon, Tuna, Octopus, Shrimp, some fish, and maybe some arctic clam):

Big Shrimp:

Potato salad with cucumber and a teeny dollop of some sauce:

Something tempura:


Some sushi since it was a sushi place:

Fried crab balls:

Mushroom vegetable soup:


Even bigger Shrimp with cheesy custard:


Kai holding some kind of fish:

Abalone (first try was albacore, at least it was not albatross). Abalone is a shellfish:

Dessert (Green tea biscuit cake, green tea mousse cake, tiramisu, and cheesecake which seemed to be hard as a rock but delicious at the same time):

After dessert came foie gras, or goose liver:

More salmon and arctic clam sashimi:


And green tea and strawberry ice cream (or what was left of it before I remembered to take a picture – you can see how excited I was to have ice cream):

And then we went home and slept off our food comas.



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