Sbohem Praha!

Prague has been amazing!

Although the weather has made me wonder if I could ever possibly sweat this much, or crave this much ice cream and drink just about all the time, it has been a wonderful time. This city is a small, walkable, alive, and dripping with history.  There were moments where I was just sitting in silence, blown away by the towers, the architecture, and the spindly, rolling skyline.

Yesterday we took it easy and spent the morning writing postcards. Afterwards we went to the post office to send them, as well as a package I am sending home with some of my clothes,some things I bought or got in Poland, and my jacket. Afterwards we took a walk through bits of the old town, and had an early dinner at this really hip vegetarian place. This is where I realized that I forgot the SD card of my camera, so here is a pic from Earnestine’s blog:


Me (really sweaty) with my quesadilla, which was the most delicious one I have ever had.

Grace and I also ordered 3 desserts and slipt them between each other because we are on vacation and everything just looked so delicious. Somebody took a picture, so I will put that up here when I figure out who it was and where it is. :)

After dinner we continued to walk, and then took a break sitting on the side of the river just staring at the Charles Bridge and spending some time admiring the scenery. We then took a walk through the Jewish Quarter, which we missed on the tour that we had to skip out early on, after which we headed to the Old Town Square to watch the procession of the apostles in the Astronomical Clock at 8pm.  They process each hour from 9am – 9pm.

Afterwards, we grabbed a cider from a store and sat on the cobblestones to watch the Prague Jazz Festival. :) It was really very nice!

Then, today, we woke up at the crack of dawn to try and catch the Charles Bridge at sunrise, but it was thunderstorming like CRAZY. So I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Sorry this post is very picture light!

Next, I will be going to Beijing, China (with a 45 min. layover in Warsaw), and blogger and facebook are blocked there so I am not sure how everything will keep getting posted… I will try to figure it out, but if I don’t please forgive me! I will continue to write every day or two and will post them eventually. :) Along with pictures!

If you really want to get in touch with me during that time, best way to do so is to email me.

See you in China! :)



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