Welcome to Berlin, Germany!

Guten Morgen!

I am sitting here on my bed in our adorable airbnb.com apartment watching Earnestine and Grace sleep off their jetlag as I listen to the sounds of a city waking up.I got up early this morning to buy some fresh bread, but my total inability to speak German and fear of offending people left me with buying a baguette (because that, at least, I could pronounce). Before making that trip, I watched a YouTube video on how to say “Sprechen Sie Englisch” about 5 times in a row, which I can only say in a French accent strangely enough. Whatever, I have my baguette!! Success!!

We all got in yesterday morning, Earnestine and Grace by plane from the USA, and me by train from Poznan, Poland where I was visiting my Ciocia Maryla. They arrived earlier than I did and did some exploring of the city, and then met me at the Ostbahnhof train station. After some confused wandering around the train station, we got to the U-Bahn and took the metro to our meeting point for our airbnb apartment.

First off, our apartment is adorable! :) We are in the Mitte/Kreuzberg area, which is not too far from a lot of the attractions (we bought a 72 hour public transportation pass anyway), but quiet enough to be a calm relief what is bound to be a busy stay.
After getting settled, washing off many a layer of sweat, and exploring the apartment, Grace found a cute restaurant nearby called “Zur kleinen Markthalle” that claimed to serve authentic German cuisine.  After a super awkward moment in which we didn’t want to be typical pushy Americans, we ordered our food. From our receipt, I think we ordered something with bratwurst in it while Earnestine ordered something called riesencurrywurst. Grace and I ordered a light beer called Meckatzer, while Earnestine ordered “DKL Hefbief?” Regardless, everything was delicious!

My first German meal: bratwurste and beer.

After dinner we took a short walk around our neighborhood and took some pictures in a local park.  We then did a grocery run and bought some food for breakfast, and finished the night off by watching German TV and letting our families know we were safely in Europe.

I will try to post again later after the bike tour, which is bound to have tons of super pics.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Earnestine and me in front of St. Michael’s church, and a local park/canal.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Berlin, Germany!

  1. Karin says:

    Sounds like so much fun! And I love the pictures!! It looks like confused wandering will forever be a factor of European travels… Keep the posts coming! And say 'Hi' to Earnestine for me!


  2. Agata says:

    Thanks Karin! :) Haha, I think confused wandering is part of the fun, so no worries! :) Earnestine saw your comment before I did, and she said hi back! Will definitely keep the posts coming, maybe they are coming a little too fast hahaha!


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